Mission Statement

l’intégrité dans la vie et la véracité de mouvement

– integrity in life and truth in movement –

Tooele Valley Academy of Dance enables students to achieve excellence in the art of dance by
providing a solid foundation in technique, poise, strength, rhythm, and expression. Moreover, the
Academy’s high standards of instruction and curriculum inspire students to develop personal and
social integrity, confidence, and distinction.

With a distinguished faculty, internationally accredited curriculum, and laudable facilities,
Tooele Valley Academy of Dance provides professional dance instruction and performance
opportunities to its student body. Unlike many professional dance schools, the Academy
values dancers of all healthy physiques and abilities to achieve the vision: for every dancer an
instructor, an ambition, and a stage.

Recognizing that the cost involved with quality instruction is often a significant barrier for many
dancers, the Academy, a nonprofit organization, affords professional dance education to students
of all financial backgrounds by relying primarily on public support.

Tooele Valley Academy of Dance presents high caliber performance opportunities to its student
body and the community at large. Further, our Academy enriches Tooele Valley’s cultural
identity by cultivating local artistic resources in producing elegant works of art.