Dress Code


Adherence to the dress code promotes unity and discipline among students and aids the instructor in teaching correct placement. Compliance with the dress code will be verified during the taking of attendance. Students not in compliance may be asked to sit and observe class. Instructors may ask female students to remove optional attire at any time. Launder dancewear on a regular basis! Students are expected to observe good personal hygiene habits.

Ladies Required Attire

Leotard: Basic black camisole leotard (see examples here)

Flesh Colored Leotards and Undergarments: As of Fall 2017, the Board of Directors requires that all female performers wear a flesh-colored camisole leotard under their assigned costume during performance times. Flesh/nude colored leotards should have clear or flesh colored straps. NO CAP SLEEVES or FULL SLEEVES! If students choose to wear a flesh colored leotard or other undergarments to class, the same specifications apply (no cap sleeves or full sleeves under black camisole leotards, no visible underwear through tights, and only conservative bra strap colors).

Shoes:leather/canvas split-sole/full-sole pink ballet flats*

Tights: For Adult Sizes – Body Wrappers Total Stretch Ballet Pink Tights (optional Mesh Back Seam/Convertible Tight) Style A45 available through discountdance.com for less than $15 For Children Sizes – Body Wrappers Total Stretch Ballet Pink Tights (best option is the Convertible Tight)  Style C81 available through discountdance.com for less than $10. Order a size larger than you normally would. Most children Age 8+ should wear adult sizes.

Hair: Hair must be pulled away from the face and secured off the neck. Hair that is long enough must be in a bun or French-twist. Dancers with shorter hair must use a headband.

Nail Polish: Only clear polish is acceptable for picture day and performances.

Jewelry: Please refrain from wearing jewelry, with the exception of earring studs.

Ladies Optional Attire

Solid black, white or light pink ballet skirt, leg warmers, crossover cardigan/wraps.

Gentlemen Required Attire

Tops: Compression shirt such as under armor or Short sleeve fitted plain black or white t-shirt

Pants: Black compression shorts, “bike shorts” or biketards preferable. Lycra pants/jazz pants or sweats, if necessary, must be worn so that knee to ankle movements are clearly visible to the instructor.

Socks: Black or white ankle socks or thin trouser socks

Shoes: leather/canvas split-sole/full-sole black ballet flats

Dancewear is to be laundered on a regular basis.

Students are expected to observe good personal hygiene habits.

*All students, including pointe, are required to bring technique shoes [ballet flats] to class. No exceptions. For safety and practicality, students will not be allowed to participate in class, rehearsals or performances without wearing the proper shoes. You may purchase attire online through discountdance.com or in person at Pat’s Dancewear in Bountiful – 5 S Main.


Tap shoes for Preparatory Ballet Classes can be purchased in any style from any vendor.

~Remember to use the teacher code when ordering anything through discountdance.com: TP34649