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Fall 2018 classes:



Our Preparatory Ballet Class is for students Ages 4-6. Students should be four by the 1st of August. These classes are one hour in length and include 10-15 minutes of tap instruction. Tap helps children learn rhythm, musicality & coordination and is only taught in the preparatory ballet class structure.

Preparatory Ballet                Wednesdays    1:15-2:15 PM               Ms. Christin & Ms. Christina


Once students are Age 7+ (or Age 6 with at least one year of experience in preparatory ballet) they are eligible for enrollment in the following classes. Evaluations will be made by the Ballet Director and, in consultation with Instructors, the Ballet Director will give each student a recommendation for enrollment. DO NOT enroll in a class DIFFERENT from what was recommended. Without prior approval. We desire all students to benefit from instruction and enroll in classes most appropriate for their individual abilities. Some students may need more than one to two years with the curriculum of a certain class while their mind and body learn to work together and they become strong enough to execute the movements required to progress.

Elementary Ballet Grades K-2 (Ages 5-7) Tuesdays      4:15-5:15 PM        Ms. Christin

Elementary Ballet Grades 1-3  (Ages 6-8) Thursdays     4:30-5:30 PM     Ms. Christin

Elementary Ballet Grades 4-6 (Ages 9-11)         Thursdays        5:30-6:30 PM      Ms. Melinda

Beginning–Intermediate Youth          Tuesdays         6:45-8:00 PM               Ms. Andrea

Intermediate Youth                              Wednesdays    4:00-5:15 PM               Ms. Andrea

Advanced Youth                                   Wednesdays     6:45-8:15 PM               Ms. Melinda

Secondary Ballet (Age 12+)                 Thursdays        6:30-7:30 PM               Ms. Melinda

Intermediate-Teen Option A                Tuesdays         5:15-6:45 PM               Ms. Melinda

Intermediate-Teen Option B               Wednesdays    5:15-6:45 PM               Ms. Melinda

Intermediate-Advanced Teen              Mondays          4:45-6:15 PM               Ms. Melinda

Advanced Technique/Pointe               Thursdays         7:30-9:00 PM              Ms. Melinda

All students enrolled in the above classes will have the opportunity to perform in a full-length classical ballet production each semester. The following classes are add-on or technique only and will not have an assigned role in our ballet productions. However, all are welcome to audition for roles during general auditions.

For Any Student on pointe

Pointe Technique                   Wednesdays    2:15-3:15 PM               Ms. Christina


Pre-pointe is only offered in the Fall and includes an exam and evaluation for students preparing to begin pointe. Students should be at least 12 years of age by December 1st and be Enrolled in an Intermediate technique class.  A Beginning Pointe Class will take the place of the Pre-pointe class for the Spring Semester.

Pre-pointe                              Fridays             4:15-5:00 PM               Ms. Sarah


Master Classes are for students Ages 12+. Company Members do not pay extra to attend these classes. All other patrons and students need to pay an additional $20 a month to attend. See detailed schedule at bottom of page.

Master Classes

Saturdays         9:00-10:00 AM           Various Instructors


By Invitation only

Female Variations                 Mondays          3:45-4:45 PM               Ms. Melinda

Pas de Deux                              Fridays              6:00-6:45 PM               Ms. Sarah


Men’s Class is open to all males Ages 12+ . No cost to enroll/attend the men’s class.

Men’s Class                           Fridays             5:00-6:00 PM               Ms. Sarah


Company Class is mandatory for auditioned company members. Auditions for company are held in May.

Company Class         Saturdays         10:00 AM-12:00 PM                Ms. Sarah & Ms. Christina



Adults are welcome to drop into any of our classes, no registration necessary. $5 per class



To be scheduled on an individual basis. Cost is $15 per lesson paid to Instructor

Wednesdays   3:15-4:00  PM              Various Instructors

Call 435-241-8964 or email for more details.



Fall Semester is 16 weeks. First Day of Class will be August 20th. Last Day of Class will be December 15th.

No class will be held on the following days: Monday, September 3rd (Labor Day), Wednesday, October 31st or Tuesday-Saturday November 20-24th (Fall Break).  We will not hold class on audition, dress rehearsal or performance days.

All other days, regardless of whether public school is in session, we will hold class. We will also hold occasional rehearsals on Saturday afternoon for our upcoming Performance. We do not charge extra for participation in these rehearsals.


All enrolled students will have the opportunity to perform in the Nutcracker. Soloist and demi-soloist roles will be auditioned on Saturday, September 8th @ 10:00 a.m. at the Clarke N. Johnsen Jr. High Cafetorium. Refer to the website mid-August for more information regarding auditions.

We will present the Nutcracker at Tooele High School on Saturday, December 1st @ 2:00 p.m. and at the Rose Wagner Theatre in Salt Lake City on Monday, December 3rd, 2018 @ 7:00 p.m.


FALL 2018

25 August       “Orientation” Taught by Ms. Sarah

1 September    “Active Acting” Taught by Ms. Christin

8 September    Nutcracker Auditions (no class)

15 September  “The Dawn of the Dégagé” Taught by Ms. Sarah

22 September  “Turn it Up” Taught by Ms. Melinda

29 September  “Yoga – It’s Down Dawg” Taught by Ms. Andrea

6 October        “A Day of the Bourreé” Taught by Ms. Christina

13 October      “Don’t Lose Your Balance” Taught by Ms. Melinda

20 October      “Pas de Deux without the Duh” Taught by Ms. Sarah

27 October      “Back it Up” Taught by Ms. Christin

3 November    “Stretch It Out” Taught by Ms. Andrea

10 November  “Please Plié” Taught by Ms. Christina

17 November  “Meet me at the Barre” Taught by Ms. Andrea


5 January         “Relevé & Elevé” Taught by Ms. Christina

12 January       Swan Lake Auditions (tentative date) no class

19 January       “Waltz Weekly” Taught by Ms. Sarah

26 January       “Absolutely Abs” Taught by Ms. Christin

2 February       “Where is Your Gaze?” Taught by Ms. Andrea

9 February       “Think off your feet” Petite Allegro Taught by Ms. Melinda

16 February     “Port de Bras Baby” Taught by Ms. Sarah

23 February     Piqué Practice (not just the turns) Taught by Ms. Christina

2 March           Grand Allegro – The Bigger the Better Taught by Ms. Melinda

9 March           “Beats & More Beats” Taught by Ms. Sarah

16 & 23 March  Spring Break Weekends (no class)

30 March         “Pile on the Pilates” Taught by Ms. Christin

6 April             “Sissonnes- How Many Do you Know?” Taught by Ms. Melinda

13 April           “Fabulous Foot Articulation” Taught by Ms. Sarah

20 April           Swan Lake Performance  no class

27 April           “Be Hip” Taught by Ms. Christin

4 May              “All About Adage” Taught by Ms. Sarah

11 May            Company auditions (No class)

18 May            First Day of Company for 2019-2020 Season